Professor of Anthropology & Sociology
OCGE 316
(610) 330-5191


  • Ph.D., University of Chicago

Special interests: cities and space; modernity; social theory; film and media; globalization; power and inequality; colonialism; historical anthropology; Africa

Work in Progress
  • William Bissell and Marie-Aude Fouéré, eds. Social Memory, Silenced Voices, and Political Struggle: Remembering and Representing the Revolution in Zanzibar. Forthcoming from Mkuki na Nyota and Indiana University Press, 2016.
  • “Monsoon Metropolis: Migration, Mobility, and Mediation in the Western Indian Ocean.” In Toyin Falola, R. Joseph Parrott, and Danielle Sanchez, eds, African Islands: Leading Edges of Empire and Globalization, under review at Ohio University Press.
Other Selected Publications:
  • “From ‘Progress’ to Post-colonial Relics: Modernist Architecture and Design in Africa.” In The Modernist World. Stephen Ross and Allana C. Lindgren, eds. New York: Routledge, 2015.
  • “On Anthropology’s Nostalgia: Looking Back/Seeing Ahead.” In Anthropology and Nostalgia, Olivia Angé and David Berliner, eds. New York: Berghahn Books, 2015.
  • “Burning the Mabanda: Incendiary Acts, Interpretive Frames, and Iconoclash in the Indian Ocean,” African Arts 45(3):70-83 (2012).
  • “When the Film Festival Comes to (Down)Town: Transnational Circuits, Tourism, and the Urban Economy of Images.” In Global Downtowns, Marina Peterson and Gary W. McDonough, eds. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2012.
  • “Urban Sustainability at the Limits: Development Rhetorics and Realities in Tanzania.” Development 54(3):317-324 (2011).
  • “Between Fixity and Fantasy: Assessing the Spatial Impact of Colonial Urban Dualism.” Journal of Urban History 37(2):208–229 (2011).
  • From Iraq to Katrina and Back: Bureaucratic Planning as Strategic Failure, Fiction, and Fantasy.” Sociology Compass 2 (5):1431–1461 (2008).
  • “Casting a Long Shadow: Colonial Categories, Cultural Identities, and Cosmopolitan Spaces in Globalizing Africa.” African Identities 5(2): 181-197 (2007).
  • “Engaging Colonial Nostalgia.” Cultural Anthropology 20(2): 215-248 (May 2005).
  • “Camera Zanzibar.” In Alternative Modernities. Dilip P. Gaonkar, ed.  Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2001.
  • “Conservation and the Colonial Past: Urban Planning, Space, and Power in Zanzibar.” In Africa’s Urban Past. David M. Anderson and Richard Rathbone, eds. Oxford: James Currey, 2000.
  • “Colonial Constructions: Historicizing Debates on Civil Society in Africa.” In Civil Society and the Political Imagination in Africa. John L. and Jean Comaroff, eds. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1999.
  • Anthropology of the City
  • Theories of Society
  • African Modernities
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Medical Anthropology
  • Film, Media, and Popular Culture in Africa
  • Global Food